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When you reach the top of the hill,
you will see Bodrum.
Don't assume that you will leave
as you came.
The others before you were the same too.
As they departed, they all left their souls behind.

People who meet the unique underwater beauties of Budrum can't seem to get enough, they always come again and again. As Dive academy Bodrum family, there are some minor differences seperates us from others; Other than our love for Bodrums unique water we have sense of quality which seeks for perfection. We crown the beautiful deep sees of Bodrum with our attention to our customers gratification... Each morning in Halikarnas port at 10:00 am , we are waiting for all the scuba diving enthusiasts to join us to discover 18 different diving spots bodrum has to offer.
Scuba diving and diving education is an delecate extreme sport which requires maximum attention special care to keep up with high standart rules.For your safety we as Dive academy Bodrum team, do not compromise our diving standarts and safety guidelines under any circumstances. As Dive Academy Bodrum, our dive center is an authorized institution of TSSF(709 dcNr), SSi(729193 ) and also has Padi Master Scuba Diver Trainner (MSDT) competent instructors in our family

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We ensure that you breath in the highest quality air from your air tank during your dive while we follow safety guidelines by putting your air tanks and our compressors in daily care.The diving equipments we use are maintained, reviewed and replaced if necessary in order to keep up with the highest quality and comfort status that we promise to our clients.
In our 12 month diving academy, we make sure that our boat is ready to sail keeping the same standarts for any organization you might have in mind no matter if it is winter or summer.Our daily tours consists of one dive for discovery divers and two for the licensed scuba divers. Plus we provide your equipment/gear in case your is missing without any extra fee.

Would you like to discover Bodrum's magical deep waters with us?

Are you willing to join us while we share our experience about professional scuba diving and underwater world of Bodrum? After the todo's of daily tour finished we can take a look at the todo list of Bodrum together. We can share our experience with tastiest meals of Bodrum during evening or the crazy nightlife at night... We know Bodrum really well and we care about you. There are plenty of recommendations we can make to get you warmed up with the city.We also have a contracted hotels where you can stay during your visit in Bodrum...

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Dive academy bodrum logo

Transportation to Bodrum

Mugla, Bodrum province has improved transportation possibilities since it is one of the most famous tourismus resorts of Turkey.

Milas airport is the nearest choice if you prefer to travel by plane. By highway Bodrum is reachable through Milas by double striped asphalt highway.Our province has distance of 111km to Mugla, 242km to Izmir, 165km to Marmaris and 234km to Fethiye.
More information about under water life and creatures of Bodrum is reachable under;
Bodrum Underwater Archaeological Museum